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Cheat Codes to Shift Your Perspective:
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I’m solving problems for other people by doing what I enjoy
Getting more clients and connecting well with them will become more natural and intuitive.
Knowing what makes me happy will make me a better freelancer
By starting where you are and focusing on what's truly motivating to you, you set yourself up for providing lots of value to other people by doing what you love.
Giving my mental and emotional health attention will help me be a better artist
Your emotional well-being will show up in the quality of your work, your work ethic, your reliability, and your communication style. A happy, healthy mind is key to building a sustainable freelance business.
What’s ultimately good for me is ultimately good for my clients
By working in a way that’s sustainably motivating, you will be able to serve clients better and for longer.
I’m putting my energy into building a life and community I care about and the kind of work I want will follow
The business side of your work becomes more meaningful and you stop seeing your client relationships as a burden.
I will talk to people I want to communicate with
People who matter to you will find you more quickly and connect with you more easily.
I work because I love to create
Clients know they're in good hands when the person they're working with is passionate about their craft.
I can ask for what I’m worth
Asking for a high sum is a signal to clients that you know what you're doing, understand how much value you provide (including all the unseen project management tasks behind the scenes!), and are professional and reliable.
Clients need me
When you realize that there are people out there who are feeling very dissatisfied with who they've hired so far and are desperately looking for someone just like you, you can reach out with confidence.
I will focus on one thing at a time
Focus is a rare and super-valuable skill. Multitasking and overwork lead to lack of motivation, half-baked ideas, countless unfinished projects, unrealized ambitions, and shallow relationships.
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